Why I Love the Civic Aquarium of Milan (and maybe you should too)

civic aquarium of milanThe Civic Aquarium of Milan is the marvelous only survivor of the buildings built for the International Exposition of Milan in 1906.

It was designed by the architect Sebastiano Locati and was inaugurated on 28 April 1906. The particularity? It is the third oldest aquarium in Europe!

It has been renovated many times and the last restoration took place in 2006, which has returned it to its former glory. 🙂

The Civic Aquarium of Milan is located near the Sempione Park and is considered one of the most prestigious liberty buildings of Milan.

Decorated with aquatic themes, at the entrance you will find a statue of the god Neptune ready to welcome you.

Inside the aquarium it is possible to admire, through spectacular glass tunnels, over one hundred species of fish, crustaceans, molluscs and Mediterranean echinoderms.

civic aquarium of milanInside it can also be rediscovered, through an illustrated path, the ecosystems of water, from when it falls on the earth and when, from the sea, it returns to being a cloud. There are also educational paths for children and schools, for those interested.

Inside there is also a Hydrobiological Station and the Library, specialized in marine biology and aquatic sciences.

With the new restoration, the access for the disabled is facilitated and the technical-scientific part modernized.

civic aquarium of milanA new space has been created in the basement, with a café and a bookshop, while, through the stairs, it’s possible to access the terrace, to admire the park and the garden.

It’s definetly a must-see, especially if you’re passionate about marine biology. If you have children, for sure it’s a place that will leave them open-mouthed!

But even for adults it is a fairy-tale visit. Shall we talk about the large shark tank? So what are you waiting for? If you want to visit it, the Civic Aquarium of Milan is in Viale Gadio, 2!

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