The Fastest and Easiest Way to Get Around Milan: the Milan Metro

milan metroThe Milan Metro is currently constituted by four lines, plus an underground railway link that is an infrastructure where other lines circulate called “suburban lines”.

The metro lines are M1 (red), M2 (green), M3 (yellow), M5 (lilac) and the suburban lines are S1, S2, S5, S6 and S13.

The company that manages it is called ATM (Azienda Trasporti Milanesi).

The Milan Metro opens at 5:50 and closes at 0:30. During the year, there may be variations of the timetable, especially on occasion of special events such as concerts, where the service is prolonged and enhanced.

The urban ticket is € 1.50 and lasts 90 minutes from its validation. It allows only one access to the subway and the suburban lines and is not valid for Rho Fiera.

For tourists, the better option would be to buy a 24h ticket for € 4.50 or a 48h ticket for € 8.25. Both are valid for an unlimited number of trips on public buses, subway and trams.

Keep in mind that tickets are not sold on board of public transit vehicles.

The tickets are magnetic and must be inserted inside the turnstile in the direction indicated by the arrow (I say it because I see many tourists in trouble with this and not only 😉 )

The ticket can be purchased at newsstands (usually at every metro station there is one) at bar-tobacco shops (the ones with a big T on it), automatic ticket machines or directly at ATM Points.

Always remember to validate your ticket before getting on any train, subway or railway link.

The ATM Points are located within the metro station of:

  • Duomo M1-M3
  • Central Station M2-M3
  • Cadorna M1-M2
  • Garibaldi M2
  • Loreto M1-M2
  • Romolo M2

You can also buy and validate your ticket with your smartphone.

After purchasing the ticket (through the app ATM MILANO), by going near the laser of the turnistile with the QR Code, it will open.

The railway link is an almost entirely underground infrastructure that connects Milan and the hinterland and is linked to the subway.

There are 6 suburban lines: S1 (Saronno – Lodi), S2 (Camnago – Milano Rogoredo), S5 (Treviglio – Varese), S6 (Novara – Pioltello / Treviglio) and S13 (Milano Bovisa – Pavia).

To make everything clearer, download the Milan Metro Map and print it 😉

Enjoy your trip 😉

milan metro map
Click on the image to download the map



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